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Trích lời giới thiệu của hãng:

Medeli is excited to launch DD650RX, featuring brand new snare and tom pads for a realistic touch and offering new PURE DRUM sound library for great sound.

Realistic Drumpads
Medeli has redesigned the 9” dual zone snare, dual zone tom pads and the bass drum, providing better elasticity and realistic touch, closer to that of an acoustic drum. The drum pad now translates more accurately the expression of the drummer.

Pure Drum Sound Library
Based on the new sound library from Pure Drum, Medeli has further upgraded the sound library with greater capacity to provide more details and finer changes to each sound. With 522 voices, 50 preset drum kits and 20 user drum kits, DD650 will bring you into a new level of drumming experience.

Downloadable User kits and User Samples

With the USB port supporting both MP3 and Wav files, you can now download your favorite samples and kits from computers to the DD650 drum module under user kit and user voice.

Interchangeable drum kits for right and left hand drummers
The drum kit settings could now be customized for both right and left hand drummers, allowing for better useability.

Metronome on Headphone
In order to help you playing on the beat in a live gig or practice at home, the metronome beats could be heard through the headphone.

Apple Mobile devices and computers (Windows and OS) could be connected through the USB port, allowing easy access to wide range of midi compatible softwares.



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